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A little history about iBrewMaster...

Honestly, iBrewMaster, Inc. was never intended to exist!  What started from one brewers passion and an honest obsession, his hobby quickly went from conception to inception by his unselfish way of sharing his love of brewing with others, via iBrewMaster, Inc. ~ The Premier Brewing Application ...
Founder, developer, creator and obsessed brewer, Joe Cannici, loved to brew beer.  In fact, he brewed so often he started losing track of what was in all of those primary’s & secondary’s and when he had to bottle and keg.  Though he never seemed to miss the days of enjoying his fresh brew with his family and friends, he did in fact think there had to be better way to keep track of this craziness! 
Being a long time developer, his head was spinning, and he quickly went to work ... As the world was becoming more and more mobile, he decided to write and program a simple iPhone application that would manage his recipes, create batches from those recipes and establish a simple schedule which would remind him at a quick glance as to not miss any more critical steps and dates.  Though the APP did not calculate anything, and he had to enter the OG’s FG’s, ABV’s, IBU’s, Calories and all the rest by hand, the APP served it’s purpose as a simple way to organize and store his data.  He loved it!
As other home brewers often do, Joe wanted to share his information with them as he knew they could benefit.  So he crossed his fingers, hoped to sell more than the predicted sales of 22 APP’s, and he introduced the world to iBrewMaster via iTunes .... The rest is history!
The world-wide response and praise was astonishing!  He received emails from all over the brewing world telling him how amazing his APP was!  Suggestions were made as to how it could be better if he added this feature or that feature ... So, as we all know how obsessed he is about both brewing and programming, he could not help himself from responding to his users by answering their requests with version updates, after update, after update! (and after update)
With the continued overwhelming response from the brewing community, he continued to answer his users requests by creating versions for the iPad and Mac.  He went on and created a gateway connecting the users with suppliers and breweries as well as a place for users to interact socially and share their brewing passions with other users from around the world.  It was through this process that we came to learn and realize that there were actual BREWERIES managing their entire brewing process with iBrewMaster!  Amazing! 
With that being said, iBrewMaster has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings ... the Application itself has developed into what is know today as “The Premier Brewing Application” because of the dedication we have to the craft beer community, our dedicated users and the generous sponsors who believe in us.  With this dedication we will continue to provide a superior program with amazing customer support, and a continued stream of updates and new features!
All this because of one man’s love of brewing mixed with his passion of programming & joy of sharing ... No wonder “Technology Never Tasted So Good!”




The iBrewMaster Team

04-12-2013 | by iBrewMaster, Inc.
iBrewMaster 2

iBrewMaster 2


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This APP was great on the iPhone and is now AMAZING on the iPad!  Great flexibility and even better customer support.  iBrewMaster will quickly be an indispensable part of your brew day!

By: JBalko